Naturopathic Specialists has partnered with a Valley-based, digital health company called, Zendoks. 

Zendoks provides for a digital connection between you and our office to enable quick communication and hassle-free digital-health data gathering.  It also sends you relevant and curated health information directly to your mobile device’s notifications screen along and allows for personalized and only-for-you questions about your health on a regular basis so your physician will have that information ready at hand when you are together.  

We are gearing up for the future and the future is bright.  Medicine is very quickly entering its digital age and we will help you to be ready for this.  

  1. First go to www.zendoks.com
  2. Then click login or register
  3. Then register for an account: using your email and a password of your choice (or your Facebook or Google Login)
  4. Then link to our clinic using the referral code: listenandcare (this is a box right under your last name) 
  5. Next a screen will appear where you will need to select your plan, select FREE and click continue
  6. You are now connected with Naturopathic Specialists, press OK.  you have completed the setup process on the computer.  **You will now need to download the application to your mobile device
  7. Depending on the type of device you own, go to the App Store (Apple, iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android)
  8. Search for Zendoks Wellness and download the app
  9. After it has downloaded, click the icon to open the app and click login or register
  10. Enter the information you used to create the account
  11. A pop-up screen will appear, make sure you ALLOW push notifications (if you do not you can always reconfigure this in settings)
  12. You are now completely set up with Zendoks and connected with Naturopathic Specialists. 
  13. From here you will receive push notifications from our office.  You may also explore some of the features of the app by watching the brief video below: 

Stay tuned for more on this exciting new digital medicine platform!  As Zendoks evolves we will be adding features that allow for a more enriched digital medicine experience.