Chronic Joint Pain?

Prolotherapy is a regenerative, prescription therapy meant to repair damage that can cause pain.


Watch this brief video to learn how prolotherapy works.

Learn how this simple but powerful therapy can be to reduce your pain naturally!

What are people saying about prolotherapy?


My husband hurt his shoulder 12 years ago and was told he would need extensive surgery.

He tried prolotherapy with Dr. Waite and is now pain free with full range of motion.

JJ - Shoulder Injury

Dear Dr. Waite…thank you for coming to my rescue. I have been taking chiropractic adjustments on a weekly basis and regular weekly/bi weekly massage therapy for 35 years now for my chronic low back pain. 

Your injection therapy has given me my life back.  Thank you!

GL - Low Back Pain

I’ve been receiving prolozone treatment for knee pain from Dr. Waite in conjunction with her other exceptional therapies for about 9 months.  It’s been amazing!  I’m off all pain medication, feel awesome, and am filled with gratitude!

CH - Knee Pain


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