Testimonials From Our Amazing Patients

  • I am spoiled.  My experiences with Dr. Rubin, Dr. Coats, and the entire staff have been wonderful. What I most appreciate is their respect for what I want to accomplish with my health goals. I went to them to get help to heal and I continue to go to prevent. I trust them.  Thank you to everyone at Naturopathic Specialists. 

Judy W.

  • Dr. Amy Waite,
    I wish to acknowledge the following effects and side effects of the recent Ozone treatments in an attempt to reduce inflammation of my grossly exaggerated prostate stemming from double cancer tumors still present but inactive now suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia.

I am a 70 year old male who was diagnosed with two cancerous tumours in my prostate in Jan. 2010. I have become cancer free after 6 months of Naturopathic treatments at Naturopathic Specialists and a series of alternative health modalities under the care of Dr. Rubin and Dr. Coats in 2011-2012. Bone scan, MRI, and circulating tumour cell tests in Canada confirmed in Aug. 2016 that I was still cancer free.

As a result of theses tumours, I was declared to have the largest prostate on record that the Princess Margaret Cancer clinic has ever seen.

As a result, I have suffered from urgent needs to urinate, dribbling, low flow, having to get up to urinate 3 and 4 times a night, very low or no Lobito which necessitated the use of Cialis in most instances.

The recent Ozone treatments have changed the quality of my life and actually had interesting side effects.
The dribbling and urgent needs to urinate has stopped, I can sleep through 8 hours without having to urinate and my Lobito had increased so significantly that I do not need my Cialis or other medication any longer.

My PSA was 25 before we started and after 2 weeks decreased to 18, something I have not been able to achieve in 5 years since my last biopsy.

As side effects, after the first 2 treatments, my vision improved to the point I could recognize the senders of emails without my glasses, my balance improved significantly while getting dressed in the morning, my energy increased generally.

Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful treatment to my attention.

George L.

  • 2015 found my husband and I both dealing with cancer, my husband for the second time, B-cell lymphoma and myself for the first time with breast cancer. This time we chose to use Dr. Melissa Coats ND a doctor in Dr. Rubin’s office. We felt this was the right decision for us, as I had been a patient of hers for awhile by this point. We also made the decision to use Dr. Robin Obenchain and have her partner with Dr. Melissa Coats for our care plan. 2015 was one of the most difficult years in our lives.

Thanks to the care of Dr. Melissa Coats and Dr. Robin Obenchain we both healed from our cancers. We again learned about many products we could take to help with our cancers, both did some IV therapy and my husband needed additional support ,as this time due to the type of cancer he did chemo. However due to the IV therapy and certain products he did quite well with his chemo treatments. Naturopathic medicine has been a way of life for us for 31 years and we continue to learn more everyday how to heal our bodies due to health challenges. I hope this testimonial will help someone else facing difficult health challenges, even cancer that there are options and all one needs to do is take the first step and contact the office of Naturopathic Specialists.

Linda N.