National Massage Therapy Awareness Week October 25-31

massage therapyMassage is more than a luxury-it's a vital part of self-care that has positive ripple effects on us as we work, play & care for others.


We are very adaptable as we move through life. You may have muttered, " I'm getting old and stiff or my body just doesn't move like it use too."  Allow massage therapy to help you loosen tight joints and the muscles supporting them. There are times when our muscles can be so tight that our nerves cannot send signals correctly. This can feel like tingling or numbness in our arms or legs. 

Make massage a regular part of your preventive care by giving yourself the gift of massage & see how your body responds. Did you know that Eight out of ten Americans will experience debilitating back pain ( and that massage can reduce the need for pain killers by 36% ( Consider treating yourself or someone you love to a massage at Naturopathic Specialists with a special offer during National Massage Therapy Awareness Week!

Receive $20 off your massage when you visit us during National Massage Week (October 25th - 31st)!