The InBody 570 is Here!


New at NS, the InBody 570

The InBody® 570 is state-of-the-art testing technology that we are excited to have at NS.  It enables us to look beyond the number on the scale and show you what your body is really made of.

inbody 570

inbody 570

Your weight in pounds does not tell the whole story of your body composition.  That number does not differentiate between the number of pounds that make up your lean body mass, your inflammation level and your body fat.

In less than a minute, the InBody® 570 provides a simple way to check your lean body mass and body fat, as well as regularly monitoring your water weight, BMI, body fat percentage and muscular development over time.  Simply step onto the foot plates and take a hold of the hand grips and the InBody® 570 will show you how your diet, lifestyle and exercise regimen are affecting your body.  No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort.  It is a completely non-invasive and pain-free test.

The InBody® 570 also measures visceral fat which is a key indicator in obesity related diseases.  It can detect imbalances between limbs for early detection and prevention of injuries.  In addition, it also measures the ratio of extracellular water to total body water, which can indicate inflammation levels. 

Another amazing aspect of the InBody® 570 is that it tracks your results over time – so every time you get on it, you will see your stats from the previous times along with your current stats.  That way you will be able to track your true progress, where you have room for improvement and what adjustments we need to make to get you headed in the right direction.

inBody 570

inBody 570

What does the InBody570 analysis provide to me?



Efficient calculations of your

  • weight

  • lean body mass

  • body fat

  • total pounds of body water

  • body mass index (BMI)

  • basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories burned at a resting rate)

  • segmental lean body mass measurements

  • inflammation level

and much more!

Why you should not base your current health status off your weight alone?

inBody 570

inBody 570

The ratio between muscle mass and body fat is more meaningful and important than body weight alone.

Muscle is denser and weighs more than fat, so a lean, muscular person can weigh more than someone with a higher amount of body fat. Percent of body fat, rather than weight, is a more accurate means of assessing degrees of obesity or degrees of fitness.  And this cannot be measured by the number on a scale.

Following are important steps to take prior to completing your InBody Test:

  • Remove items from your pockets, jewelry, socks, pantyhose, and shoes.

  • Do not eat or exercise for at least an hour before testing.

  • Do not use lotion or ointment on hands or feet.

  • Stand for at least 5 minutes prior to testing.

Women should avoid testing when pregnant.

Individuals with medical implant devices such as pacemakers or other essential electronic support devices should not take the InBody Test.

inBody 570

inBody 570

Are you ready to see what you are made of?

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