How Colonics Can Help You Stay Healthy

The bowel is the main pathway for waste to leave the body.

Given the amount of food we put into the opening of the gastrointestinal (GI) system, we might expect a lot to exit at the other end.

Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to have regular bowel movements, even though they regularly put food into their mouths.  


It’s a simple equation: if fecal matter isn’t leaving the body at the same rate that food is going in, there may be a problem.

The bloodstream may end up absorbing toxins that should be leaving the body, including toxic compounds that already have a difficult time exiting as it is.

Conventional wisdom says that if you have one bowel movement a day, you are regular…but most people eat at least three times a day.

Yes, that means that ideally we would move our bowels three times a day.  

We are plagued with many causes of constipation: eating foods that we are reactive to or allergic to, reduced output of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, interruption of normal thyroid function, overgrowth of Candida in our intestines, and not enough fiber in our diets.

Our bodies are also effected by all of the additives in our food, chemicals sprayed on our crops, and pollution in our air.

This accumulation of toxins can take its toll on our bodies including the colon, which burdens our digestion and overall health.

Colonics are not only a great way to not only restore the health of the colon, but are also a great way to detoxify the body as a whole.

Effects of Colonics:

  • Colonics allow the liver to dump toxic-laden bile and have those toxins escorted out of the body

  • Colonics increase the movement of heavy metals and solvents through the bowels

  • Colonics help normalize the muscular contractions of the colon

  • Colonics help restore proper bowel function when one has regular constipation or diarrhea

Written by Dr. Amy Waite

Written by Dr. Amy Waite

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