Stress Busting Summer Foods

Summer is about taking it easy, vacations and hot, lazy days soaking up the sun (responsibly, of course).  And, if you are anything like the doc’s and staff here at NS, you are very excited about the light, summer fare that is available this time of year.  Melons, berries and all those wonderful summer squash and greens just waiting to be transformed into a perfect pairing for grass-fed kebobs or maybe a raw “veggie” pasta. 

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The great part about so many summer foods is that many of them are magnesium and antioxidant rich and teeming with Vitamin C.  This not only protects you from free radicals and helps protect you from sun damage but it can also help keep stress levels low.  To stay cool as a cucumber, when it’s hot outside you can nosh on spinach, kale, oranges, blueberries, pine nuts, kidney, white or lentil beans, chick peas, quinoa, avocado and plain yogurt.  You can also try infusing your water with various fruits to add variety and treat yourself.