So What's The Story With Glyphosate?


Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about pesticides and what to watch out for?  Here in the US and throughout most of the world, Glyphosate is the most common.

Glyphosate is made in both liquid and salt form and is used to regulate plant growth and accelerate the fruit ripening process. But originally, the chemical was used as a descaling agent to eradicate mineral deposits from plumbing pipes, boilers and heaters.  It was purchased by Monsanto and patented as an herbicide that then marketed under the product name Roundup.

Glyphosate is used on most conventional crops.  If you use or consume a product that contains glyphosate you are also being exposed to other chemicals that are commonly used in conjunction with it and intensify the toxic effects even more.

Some more things to know about Glyphosate

  • it is not used on certified organic produce

  • it causes or contributes to the cause of an array of health problems (see infographic below)

  • because it is so toxic, and kills plants as well as weeds, genetically modified seeds are being planted to resist pesticide use. The quality of food these seeds produce are nutritionally inferior and also toxic in and of themselves.

  • children are particularly susceptible to exposure and toxicity

  • check the dirty dozen often to see what foods are the most toxic when conventionally grow