Sextacular You Radio hosts Dr. Amy Waite


Dr. Amy Waite explores detoxification with Dr. Lori Ebert on Sextacular You! Radio!

Recently Dr. Amy Waite joined Dr. Lori Ebert on her radio talk show, Sextacular You! to discuss her 28-day detox program.  In that hour, Dr. Waite and Dr. Ebert discuss why detoxification should be an essential part of your healthy life.  They also discuss how the toxins in your environment can contribute to health related issues including weight gain, fatigue and low sex drive.  Dr. Waite shares with Dr. Ebert some of the main toxic contributors you may be encountering and makes suggestion on how to eliminate or reduce their toxic load on your body.  

Want to hear the whole interview?  We have it for you below, enjoy an hour of Dr. Waite sharing her insights on detoxification, natural medicine and how you can live a healthier life.

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