Pinnacle Care interview with Dr. Rubin


Dr. Rubin takes time to speak with Pinnacle Care about Naturopathic Oncology

Recently Dr. Rubin spoke with Pinnacle Care, regarding Naturopathic Oncology and the importance of integrative medicine.  Following is an excerpt from the Pinnacle Care blog. 

Q: What is naturopathic oncology?

Daniel Rubin, ND, FABNO (DR): It’s the application of the six guiding principles of naturopathic medicine to the treatment of people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Those principles focus on choosing the least invasive, least toxic, and most effective treatments; helping the body to heal itself; identifying and removing the underlying causes of disease; teaching and empowering patients to facilitate their healing and improve their health; treating the whole person, not just the disease; and focusing on wellness and the prevention of disease….

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