The NS LIFE Diet, What Is It?


The NS LIFE Diet is more than just a diet. 

It is more than just a weight loss regime.  

It is a whole new way of looking at food, nutrients and life. 

The NS LIFE Diet was developed by our own physicians using the 6 precepts of naturopathic medicine.  It was built to put you on a path of self-discovery and learning more about your body and how it works.  It creates a positive lifestyle change.  It is a commitment to a better, healthier you. 

ns life diet

The NS Life Diet is broken into phases.  Each phase is carefully crafted to help create changes in the way you act and react to food and exercise.  Together, you and your physician will assess where you are and where you want to be.  Then the journey begins.  By adding healthier food and nutrient options and avoiding certain foods while in certain phases, you are able to learn what foods are more beneficial for your own body.  How long each phase is maintained is up to you and your physician and the goals you want to meet.

ns life diet

Through this program, you gain an understanding what you eat and how it affects your body.  You will learn how to choose your calories wisely.  You will see how increasing protein and decreasing carbohydrates in the right amounts can positively affect your physical and mental well-being.  You will ascertain what a quality carbohydrate is; simple sugars (good energy but crashes) vs. complex sugars (lasting energy) and how best to use them.  You will also experience how proper hydration can actually help you lose weight and keep it off.

ns life diet

The NS Life Diet program also has an activity component that was developed to help you gain strength and energy.  You and your physician will explore your current level of activity and how to safely increase it to better your health.  This is contingent on the level you are at when you start and the level you want to get to.  Together, you and your physician will design a plan to get you on the track to increasing your metabolism.  This can include supplements as well as weekly metabolism booster injections to kick start the weight loss exercise regime.

ns life diet

Another component of the NS Life Diet was developed to take a look at stress and relaxation.  You and your physician will assess your levels of stress to see how it is affecting your overall health.  Together, you and your physician will determine ways to reduce that stress, which can include massage, acupuncture, constitutional hydrotherapy, yoga or meditation.  You will also take a look at your sleep patterns and learn how they can affect your metabolism. 

ns life diet

The final component of the NS Life Diet takes a look at any other obstacles that may be keeping you from attaining your best health possible, and helping you to remove or bypass them.  Through various tests that are available here at NS, you and your physician can pinpoint hormone imbalances, inflammation, glandular issues and other systemic occurrences that may be causing disorder in the body.  Some methods used to remove the last obstacles to your healthy lifestyle include detoxification of the liver and body, colon hydrotherapy, IV therapy and nutritional therapeutic adjustments.

The NS Life Diet was created to help every body be the best body it can be.  Through collaboration with your physician, the NS Life Diet becomes personalized.  By teaching you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through choosing the correct foods and activities, as well as finding healthy ways to manage stress through proper sleep and relaxation techniques and removing obstacles, the NS Life Diet is the perfect catalyst to get you to where you want to be.

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