It's Earth Day 2014

April 22 is the day that has been designated world-wide as Earth Day.  Of course we at NS endeavor to treat every day like Earth Day, and more and more, as consumers continue to grow more conscious of the best way to live and the impact our choices have on the planet, we take time to research and contemplate the decisions we make.  Thankfully, our options for “clean” and “green” products are more abundant than ever, extending also to our health care. 

Naturopathic medicine is easily one of the best ways to begin a transition into a cleaner and more conscious lifestyle.  As naturopathic doctor’s, the goal during a consultation with a patient is not simply to treat symptoms but also uncover and attend to the underlying causes.  In many cases, this means addressing one’s lifestyle, diet and even their emotional health.

Often, treatment recommendations come from clean sources such as organic foods, exercise, specialty treatments (like constitutional hydrotherapy, IV therapy or acupuncture) and supplements that have been thoroughly researched for quality, sourcing and processing techniques.  Clean products usually mean low impact to the planet so naturopathic health and healthy, green living just go hand in hand!