Healthier Holidays


The end of October officially ushers in the beginning of the holiday season.  

This time of year tends to be a time when families are together, friends and loved ones spend time enjoying each other’s company and celebrating with decadent and plentiful food and drink.

This can be a difficult time for those with food allergies, sensitivities and restrictions.  here are some tips to help you get through the season.

  1.  First and foremost- don’t overeat.  take your time, enjoy every bit of food.  look forward to leftovers.

  2. If you indulge, make sure to balance it out with healthy choices.  so, if you must have a small slice of pumpkin pie, make sure you have a nice, green salad with dinner.

  3. ‘Eating the rainbow’ is still important. fresh fruits and veggies are still number one.

  4. Try making your stuffing gluten free.

  5. Reduce sugar or swap out for healthier alternatives in home-made desserts.  Stevia, apple sauce, bananas, molasses, dates or date cream can all help sweeten without using toxic sugar substitutes.

  6. Exercise as a family.  Nature walk?  Touch football in the yard?  Can’t get Uncle Jon off of the couch?  Disguise a little bit of light exercise as charades.

  7. Substitute potatoes for cauliflower, or make both and split your serving between the two.

  8. Use organic and pasture dairy and eggs.

  9. Try baked apples instead of apple pie.

  10. Serve grass fed, organic meat

  11. Remember the good fats.  Use coconut or olive oil in place of butter or more processed fats.

  12. Dont skip the cranberries- as long as you have no food restrictions to cranberries, make a healthy alternative to the canned version using, fresh, organic cranberries.  They reduce inflammation and may help reduce cholesterol plaque.

  13. Tea time- fennel, ginger and even an unsweetened chai can help digest food.  This is a great after dinner habit to get into or drink it cold with meals.

  14. Don't skimp on the rosemary.  Adding it to your turkey and dressing spices help aid in digestion, the bonus is that rosemary helps improve memory so you won’t forget about how good your healthy food swaps make you feel at the end of the meal.

Here are some great food swap ideas and resources below.


Food swap ideas

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