Give Your Heart Some Love

Since February is heart health month, it’s only right to close the month by devoting some time to it here on the blog.   Of course, everyone knows that exercise is good for the heart.  We know what we put in our mouth has a direct effect also.  But, here are some other golden nuggets of information that can help you do things to easily and actively practice better heart health.

stay trim around the middle

carrying too much weight specifically in the mid-section can increase blood pressure and increase lipids which can be damaging to the heart.

keep your hands busy

Crocheting, knitting, building a puzzle or crafting can help reduce stress, thereby promoting heart health since chronic stress can be wearing on the cardiovascular system.


Did you know that laughter can actually improve blood vessel function?  Studies have shown that happy people who laugh actually have lower incidences of cardiovascular issues.

don’t forget the chocolate

Numerous studies have been done recently that indicate dark chocolate contains constituents that can be helpful in preventing heart attack and stroke.

What could be easier than a healthy dose of mindfulness, creativity, laughter and chocolate?