Detoxing Your Life

It’s spring! The chill of winter is lifting and you start to feel yourself stirring, ready to come out of hibernation.   Desiring to start this time of growth and renewal on a squeaky-clean note you might feel compelled to begin purging yourself from the unnecessary accumulations in your environment, body and mind.  To aid in the physical aspect of this process you may have considered a spring detox.  If this is a new concept to you here are things to consider.

What are the benefits of a detox?  

Detoxing can be beneficial for a number of reasons.  Not only can you reduce inflammation that contributes to many chronic diseases and deficiencies, it can be beneficial to the gut since it isn’t having to work so hard to digest and process heavy and unhealthy foods which is important for immunity but it can also positively impact your mental health too.

How do I know what type of detox is right for me?

Before you begin you will want to ask yourself the following questions: What is my current health status? Do I have any chronic health conditions?  Am I taking any medications?  There is a lot of information on detoxing out there so if you do have any healthcare concerns, please take these into consideration before embarking on a cleanse by yourself.  The best way to develop a detox plan that will provide you maximum benefit is to work with your naturopath to customize a plan that will encompass all of the facets of your healthcare needs. 

Should I exercise during this period?

Definitely, but you should discuss the type of exercise that will work most beneficially with the type of detox you do.  In other words, if you’ve never been a long distance runner, you may not want to try becoming one during your detox. 

Are there things I can do to increase effectiveness of my detox?

  Absolutely - acupuncture, constitutional hydrotherapy and massage may be helpful in releasing toxins and encouraging proper bodily functions. 

What can I do if I’m ready to “spring clean” my emotions? 

There are lots of natural approaches to treating anxiety, depression and addressing varying types of stress or traumatic life experiences that have negatively impacted the way you live now.  Counseling programs, homeopathy and believe it or not, simply sticking to your detox plan can have a tremendous effect on your physical and mental well-being as well as actually change brain patterns and decrease inflammation that may increase emotional triggers. 

How do I detox my environment and de-clutter my life?

  This single area can have more impact than you might think - physical clutter can negatively affect your body, mind and soul.  For example, the subtle stress of a messy and disorganized environment can, over periods of time, increase cortisol levels which may contribute to weight gain and mood disorders.  Another significant stressor is our reliance on electronic devices.  TV, computers and smart-phones release radiated emissions that can disrupt sleep, affect cognition and fertility and are currently being linked to cancer.  Paring down and turning off can provide much benefit with almost no investment.

My detox is complete, now what? 

Keep up the good work!  Make your new diet a lifestyle change. Commit to giving yourself some unplugged, non-tech time and turn off your electronics, get out in nature and get with your loved-ones.  Continue your dedication to working through your emotional baggage.  Make good decisions for your body; use clean body products and eat clean food.  Most importantly, give yourself a pat on the back.  Acknowledge yourself for the healthy decisions you've made and be proud of the precedent you've set for a healthier, happier life.