CardioMetabolic panel for just $10


CardioMetabolic panel for just $10 


February is American Heart Month 


In recognition of this,
NS is offering a SpectraCell® CardioMetabolic panel for just $10

when you use your insurance for a Micronutrient test profile

this offer is good through March 31st

What is the CardioMetabolic panel and why is it important?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. Standard cholesterol tests may not fully evaluate your true risk. Poor blood sugar regulation and unhealthy triglyceride and lipoprotein levels may signal the need for intervention. The CardioMetabolic panel offers potentially actionable data for your doctors to design the most appropriate plan for you.

Who should take the CardioMetabolic Test?

those who:

● have a family history of heart disease

● have been diagnosed with heart disease

● are already taking cholesterol-lowering medications

● have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome (high blood pressure)

● are overweight

● have high LDL

● have low HDL

● have high triglycerides ● are interested in evaluating their risk


I've already had my cholesterol checked, why should I have the CardioMetabolic test done?

Standard cholesterol testing only gives you part of the picture leaving many people with "normal" cholesterol numbers unaware that they are still at risk. The National Cholesterol Education Program has recently published new guidelines for cardiovascular disease.

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