Are Chemicals Making You Fat?


Could the chemicals in your environment be making you fat?

Are chemicals making you fat? 

We've all heard that if we eat too many calories and don’t exercise enough, we will gain weight. But there is more to it.  It's not just the calories, but also chemicals in our food and environment that contribute to weight gain as well.

Some of these chemicals are termed ”obesogens”.  Obesogens are foreign chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of lipid metabolism, which may trigger our bodies to store fat.

Some of these chemicals can increase the size of fat cells, others can increase the number of fat cells, and still others affect appetite, cravings, fullness and how well the body burns calories. In addition to obesogens, other chemicals termed “endocrine-disruptors” interfere with hormonal signaling negatively affecting our bodies metabolic processes.

Other synthetic food ingredients have been shown to help us pack on the pounds even when we think we are eating healthy.

Listed below are a few of the most prevalent chemicals you can easily avoid.

1)  Plastics

Most of us are exposed to plastics in a daily basis.  Whether it's a water bottle, a plastic container of salad dressing, or a plastic container of leftovers, most of us are exposed to plastics every day. Many of these plastics contain substances such as BPA or phthalates. These are known endocrine disruptors that have been directly linked to increased fat storage.

How to avoid: Switch to glass or stainless steel containers.  Buy food that’s stored in glass – for example, choose the salad dressing that comes out of a glass jar rather than a plastic container.

2)  Pesticides

are chemicals making you fat

are chemicals making you fat

Americans are exposed to pesticides daily.  Most of these pesticide chemicals are “endocrine disruptors” making them “obesogens”. Even in microscopic amounts, endocrine disruptors have the ability to alter major weight controlling hormones disrupting the natural hormone systems that regulate metabolism and leading to weight gain.

How to avoid: Minimize your exposure to pesticides by choosing certified organic produce and products. If organic isn't available, make sure and avoid the most pesticide laden “dirty dozen”.

3)  Growth Hormones & Antibiotics

Several types of growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics are routinely given to conventionally raised animals.  Some of these drugs have been then found in the meat.  So you very well could be eating these growth-promoting drugs every time you eat beef or chicken.

How to avoid: Choose only certified organic grass-fed meat.  As an added benefit to grass-fed meat, it contains CLA which promotes weight loss.

4)  Artificial & Natural Flavors

All of the chemicals that enhance the flavor of food and make you eat more than you normally would.  These chemicals include: monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial flavors and natural flavors (which under the name “natural flavor” food companies can put whatever chemical they want in your food that’s recognized as “safe”).

How to avoid: Stay away from processed foods, particularly those that have artificial flavors, natural flavors, monosodium glutamate.

5)  Artificial Sweeteners

Researchers have discovered that artificial sweeteners like those in diet soda, can lead to more weight gain. If that isn't bad enough, the artificial sweetener Aspartame has been linked to neurological disorders.

How to avoid: Avoid eating any food, drinks, or gum containing sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, saccharin in the ingredient list. Although artificial sweeteners are harmful to your health, so is sugar.  Switch to organic stevia extract instead to sweeten up your food.  Xylitol flavored gum like Spry or XyliChew is also a good alternative.

Elimination of these toxins will help to improve your healthy well-being.  In order to maximize your health benefits from the elimination of these toxins and increase your success in meeting your weight loss goals, consider a physician assisted detox to aid in eliminating stored toxins in your body.  We are pleased to announce our 28 Day Detox Program.  Designed by Naturopathic Specialists own Dr. Amy Waite, our 28 Day Detox Program was created to support the safe and effective removal of environmental toxins from the body.  As well as provide a clean foundation for weight loss programs like the NS Life Diet, to be most effective.  

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