AANMC Spotlight on Dan Rubin. ND. FABNO

The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) has chosen to shine their AANMC alumni career spotlight on our own doctor, Dan Rubin ND FABNO.  Read more about what inspired Dr. Rubin to go into naturopathic medicine, specifically naturopathic oncology, and catch a glimpse into what he sees as the future of naturopathic medicine. 


You never know when a life-changing moment is just around the corner. For Dr. Dan Rubin, that moment occurred during his time working at a health food store. Having been drawn to health and fitness since the early 90s, Dr. Rubin took a job at a health food store Dr. Ran Rubin - SCNM because of his interest in both why people were taking certain supplements and how these supplements (and food choices) impacted their lives. But it was a neighboring MD who set him on a course toward naturopathic medicine. The doctor – whose office was attached to the health food store- practiced drug-less medicine, focusing on homeopathic approaches to addressing his patients’ needs.

Dr. Rubin was intrigued. Armed with his philosophy degree in hand, he dug deeper behind this doctor’s approach to medicine, to the point that he himself began to wonder if a career in medicine was his true calling. It didn’t take long for him to realize the answer was a resounding yes. Despite having no science background at all, Dr. Rubin committed himself to becoming an ND. The doctor whom inspired him to take this path wrote a reference letter on his behalf, which Rubin attributes as a major factor for why he got into SCNM. “It’s interesting that I was referred to the profession by an MD,” Dr. Rubin said. “Because such a massive focus of my practice is integrative medicine.”

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