2014 Summer Travel Checklist

Who doesn’t love to hit the road or fly the friendly skies?  Unfortunately, fabulous and untold adventure may come with a price.  Travel sicknesses due to changes in our environment, sleep disruptions from being in a new time zone, or even a complete lack of sleep, bumps, bruises and dietary changes can impact even the most seasoned traveler.  If you are still planning on summer travel this year don’t forget to arm yourself with easy travel friendly products to minimize the effects that traveling can have on you.  Here is an easy checklist to print out that can help you put together your very own natural first-aid travel kit. 



Vitamin C

Don’t overdo it as heavy doses can cause diarrhea


Lactobacillus- at least 10 billion CFU

Silver Spray

Essential Oils

Buy organic, therapeutic grade, try online or at your local health food store

Apple Cider Vinegar

Buy organic

Coconut Oil

Buy organic


3 to 5 mgs is readily available in stores

Motion sickness, anti-nausea bracelets

Purchase online


Cotton Balls, gauze, q-tips

Why should you include these items in your natural travel kit?

Vitamin C- is an immune booster and may help keep colds and infections at bay

Probiotics- not only help support healthy gut flora and function but it may boost your immunity too

Silver spray- can be used topically or internally and is a great anti-bacterial.  you can even use it to wipe down hard surfaces or airplane trays and seat arms.

Essential oils- tea tree oil, oil of oregano and lavender are very good for their anti-bacterial components.  lavender can also help relieve the sting of sunburn; just make sure to mix it with a carrier oil like olive, almond or even coconut oil.

Apple cider vinegar- anti-bacterial properties, can be used as a facial toner and help keep skin eruptions to a minimum.  if you dilute with water it can be applied to sunburned skin for burn and itch relief and aid in quick skin repair.

Coconut oil- can be used on over-chlorinated hair as a conditioner.  also use it as a skin moisturizer or shaving lotion as well as on scrapes and burns for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  it also has an SPF of about 10 so it can provide some coverage when you are out sight-seeing.

Melatonin- usually found in 3 or 5 milligram tablets can help you sleep, if you find yourself having difficulty

Motion sickness and nausea bracelets- use acupressure points to help alleviate nausea and motion sickness; they are designed to press the acupressure point known as pericardium 6 or PC-6.  or, you can press this point with your hands.  simply apply pressure two thumb-prints down from the crease in your wrist.

It’s also a great idea to eat well and rest-up prior to your travel so that your immune system is working optimally. Intravenous nutrients are also great to do prior to traveling to help boost you up.  They are  super effective because IV vitamins and minerals bypass the digestive tract so you have better absorption at the cellular level.  last but not least, remember to relax!  Doing breathing exercises, or at the very least, mindful breathing can help get your through the backseat bickering or TSA check points a little easier. 

Happy, healthy travels!