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better sex and vaginal rejuvenation, naturally

great and regular sex can actually squash depression and anxiety, increase immunity and increase your ability to handle stress. as humans, it's part of how we communicate.  few things are as intimate as making love to the one you love.

what is sexual dysfunction? 

many medical conditions, chronic stress and even certain medications can significantly impact the quality of your sex.  this is known as sexual dysfunction.  there are several phases of the love-making encounter: desire, arousal, the build-up and the climax. sexual dysfunction is characterized by problems during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents a person from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity.  many medical conditions can lead to poor libido; here are some of the most common:

  • diabetes or insulin resistance (pre-diabetes)

  • heart disease or hypertension

  • neurological disorders

  • hypothyroidism

  • menopause or dyspareunia (painful sex due to low estrogen)

  • prolonged or severe stress

  • anxiety and depression

  • trauma

  • medications such as antidepressants, birth control pills, antihistamines, beta blockers, benzodiazepines, seizure medications and pain killers

as many as 43% of women and 31% of men, according to research, have some type of sexual dysfunction. now, for the first time, we have a viable option for treating it.  enter the "Orgasm-Shot", or "O-Shot ®".



what is the O-shot ®?  

it is an injection used to treat sexual dysfunction and female incontinence.  if you have heard of the Vampire Facelift®, then you may be familiar with the O-Shot ® because the premise is the same.  it is done by using platelets from your own blood to stimulate cellular regeneration.

this procedure is commonly known as PRP or platelet-rich plasma.

how does PRP work?

blood is drawn from the patient and spun down to concentrate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). with the use of a topical anesthetic, the PRP is then injected back into vaginal and clitoral arousal centers. the PRP contains the patients' own growth factors which attract stem cells, initiating tissue regeneration as well as the production of collagen. this can stimulate cellular rejuvenation, increased tone and can enhance sensation. this means increased clitoral arousal, stronger vaginal orgasm and better natural lubrication.

though each woman's response to the O-Shot ® can be different, here's a list of some results that patients have reported:

  • greater arousal from clitoral stimulation

  • stronger orgasm

  • more frequently able to achieve orgasm

  • increased sexual desire

  • increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm

  • decreased pain during intercourse

  • increased natural lubrication

  • decreased urinary incontinence

while there is no magic pill for amazing sex, the O-Shot ® can address certain physical issues affecting what could be, your amazing sex life.

Leila Turner, ND is recognized as a trained and qualified provider to perform this new and transformative procedure here at NS.  She is listed on the official  O-Shot ® website  and is available for a complimentary 10-minute consult to discuss whether or not this could be right for you.

patient testimonial

“I came to you because of a need for rejuvenation of sexual function after menopause.  Sex was totally non-existent in our marriage because of the discomfort caused by dryness, loss of elasticity, etc.  After discussing the “O-shot” and researching it, we decided that would be our next option.  The procedure gave us back our love life, intimacy and happily pleasurable sexual function.  I feel like a woman once again and the sexual well- being has had an extremely positive effect on our lives as husband and wife.

Thank you Dr. Turner, for your kindness and professionalism in helping us. “

-P. and D.