Understanding Clinical Trials

Does the thought of participating in a clinical trial as part of your cancer treatment bring you thoughts of hope or conjure the image of a guinea pig?

Dr. Dan Rubin speaks with one of our neighbors on campus, Dr. Frank Tsai from the Virginia G Piper Cancer Research Center to answer some common questions about clinical trials.

Availability, scheduling, timing, finding the right trial for you, and how to talk to your doctor about clinical trials; all this and more, on this edition of Ad Hoc with a Doc.

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Best and Worst Plant-Based Diet - Ad Hoc with a Doc

A lot of people turn to a plant-based diet on the direction of their physician. However, 'plant-based' doesn't always mean what you think it does.

On this edition of 'Ad Hoc with a Doc,' Dr. Rubin interviews the founder of Local Alternative, Jonathan Netzky. Local Alternative is an Arizona based company dedicated to making plant-pure options available to as many people as possible.

Find out how you can understand what you're really eating, what marketing schemes you need to look out for, and why a 'heavily processed plant-based diet' is the worst diet out there.

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Integrative Oncology with Dr. Santosh Rao - Ad Hoc with a Doc

Dr. Santosh Rao, a board-certified medical oncologist and the medical director of the integrative oncology center at Banner MD Anderson in Gilbert, AZ speaks with Dr. Rubin about the integrative oncology program he's helped to curate.

Together, the doctors discuss what a patient visit is like at the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Clinic, where integrative medicine is heading, as well as some of the present stumbling blocks for naturopathic and integrative medicine at a larger cancer center.

Find out how Dr. Rao advocates for naturopathic oncology among his colleagues, and why in today’s post!

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