What is Naturopathic Oncology?

Oncology is a broad term that refers to the branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  Doctors who are specifically trained in cancer care are referred to as Oncologists.

The treatments used by oncologists further breakdown the type of oncology that they practice:

  • Naturopathic Oncology - Utilizes natural and supportive therapies to treat cancer.
  • Medical Oncology - Uses chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and other drugs to treat cancer.  This .
  • Radiation Oncology - Uses radiation therapy to treat cancer.
  • Surgical Oncology - The use of surgery and other procedures to treat cancer.

Any doctor may treat a patient with cancer, but it is very common for general practice doctors to refer patients to an oncologist for treatment.

In the realm of naturopathic medicine, it would be common for a general practice naturopathic doctor to refer a patient with a cancer diagnosis to a naturopathic oncologist.


How can you tell if your naturopathic doctor is a naturopathic oncologist?

It won't be hard to find out, take a look at their credentials.  In order to be a naturopathic oncologist, your doctor will have to be:

  1. A naturopathic doctor (that might seem obvious, but the specialization of naturopathic oncology is more than just a certification in functional medicine for example),
  2. And have FABNO status.

FABNO stands for:

Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology.

Having FABNO status indicates that they have been recognized by the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology as meeting the highest standards of the profession.

Why is it a good idea to involve a naturopathic oncologist in your care team even if you already see a general practice ND?

The requirements to attain board-certification ensure that your naturoapthic oncologist is able to integrate seamlessly with your existing or developing cancer care team.  Generally, naturopathic oncologists work primarily with oncology cases, keeping up to date with the newest advances in treatment and testing.

To illustrate: You could say having a general practice naturopathic doctor on your team would be like joining a gym.  If you go regularly, you'll