Naturopathic Medicine in Men's Health

 Dr. Amy Waite is our go to doctor for men's health and pain management.

Dr. Amy Waite is our go to doctor for men's health and pain management.

We recognize men's health as a specific focus and are committed to addressing conditions that solely pertain to males or by approaching common conditions from a male-specific perspective. Whether it is hormonal imbalances, stress related health conditions, erectile issues, prostate health or enhancement of one’s overall health and physical endurance, we recognize the importance of keeping each individual’s needs in mind.

Men, however, are reluctant to take action when they don’t feel physically or mentally well. In years past men notoriously saw their doctors less. As of 2012 a survey conducted by the Centers of Disease Controldemonstrated that 27% of men (as compared to 14% of women) had no office visits to a doctor or other health professional in the past 12 months.

Although, this has improved over the years, a large number of men still find it difficult to see a doctor and discuss their health concerns. It is especially difficult for men to discuss issues related to sexual dysfunction, bowel related problems and emotional concerns. These symptoms are often times due to underlying health related issues and are early warning signs that need to be addressed as they may grow into larger problems.

At Naturopathic Specialists, we always provide an open and safe environment and are skilled at making our patients feel comfortable to allow them to thoroughly discuss their health concerns in order to provide the most appropriate individualized treatment. Our doctors are experienced in treating men ranging from adolescent to 90 years of age.

More importantly, our physicians are skilled at treating conditions that range from high blood pressure, low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, thyroid disorders, BPH and urinary disorders, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, obesity, neuropathy, and other men's health issues.

The physicians at Naturopathic Specialists take the time necessary to address possible contributing factors to your condition and utilize natural and conventional methods to restore health. We offer compassionate care alongside clinically proven and cutting edge therapies to address your concerns. Often times, issues can be easily addressed through simple diet and lifestyle modifications. In other cases, supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy, oriental medicine, hormone replacement therapy (testosterone) or conventional pharmaceutical treatments may be necessary.

We understand that success comes from a strong patient-doctor relationship and our clinic provides an atmosphere to achieve this. Our physicians can help restore your health to maintain vitality and health over the long-term.

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